Piano Moving
 At American Moving & Storage we use only industry specific equipment to move pianos. Pianos are too heavy and to valuable to take chances with inferior equipment.. We use specially made leg and lyre carry bags made of the toughest fabric on the planet, self-repairing ballistic nylon. The legs go in one bag with padded interior dividers, and the lyre, rods and hardware go in the other. Two adjustable nylon straps, secured by Velcro, and final top flap that buckles tight with a heavy duty side-release buckle, assure all legs and lyres cinch up snug, and will not move up, down, or side to side inside the carry bags during transport.

Similarly, the pedal carry bag also adjusts to fit even extra wide pedal lyres up to 24" wide and include interior sleeves for pedal and support rods.
Grand pianos, uprights and spinets are all heavily padded and placed on the appropriate dolly or skid-board. Lids, benches and music stands are  all pad wrapped individually before transport.

We then use a double thickness pad on the board, then simply position the grand piano. The skid pad and jacket clip together at both ends using nylon straps and buckles. We then strap the piano to the skid-board. Using this equipment we  achieve 100% coverage of the finished surfaces and belly rim every time, including all those extra-wide grands.

Using this gear and other techniques significantly reduces the risk of any damage. At American Moving & Storage we have the necessary equipment and expertise to move your piano safely.

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